lørdag 3. juli 2010

Today we finally got to perform a flight...

After batteling technical communication problems for several days we finally got the Cryowing in the air. The aircraft performed great and the thin air didn`t give to much trouble during takeoff and landing. Tonight me and the rest of the team will have a small Cognac to celebrate.

Today it`s been almost a week since I arrived here at Summit. Living up here is not as hard as one would think... The food is mostly great and the people staying here are very friendly and welcoming. I didn`t get the mountain sickness inspite of beeing 3200m (10695ft.) above sea level. Only the first day was a bit hard with my hart rate staying above 100bpm. for the first few hours. The hardes part is actually the sunlight, both when flying and when trying to sleep. The sun is a lot brighter than anything I`ve seen, and walking outside without sunglasses is almost impossible, and not recomended.

The other night we had -27 degrees celsius which is actually pretty cold considering that we`re in the begining of July. But a god sleeping bag and some preplaning makes it much more comfortable than it sounds. Only going to the toilett in the middle of the night can be all other than a fun experience...

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  1. Nice hearing you are airborne :) Wish you all the best of luck for the weeks to come!

    Concerning the last pic of yours; pretty curious about the sled shown. Rather old fashioned, it seems.. Pherhaps an inheritance from when mr Fridtjof Nansen himself crossed the Greenland ice sheet, back in 1888..;)

    Hope you all enjoyed your cognacs then, really very well deserved.

    rgds Trygve