tirsdag 27. juli 2010

Yes, we are still very much alive here at Summit.

....but, we have been experiencing some network problems and the charger of my Eee decided to die on me without warning. This and a ever increasing workload have prevented me from doing as much updates as I would have liked. But I will still try to give a short recap of the last few weeks main events. As I seem to have a lot of trouble to get pictures uploaded, I will try to add them later this week.

While we were waiting for our repared Trios instruments to arrive, Torbjørn and I put together a second Cryowing airframe, so now we now have a spare, in case of a major misshap. We also spent a day helping Wiley doing ground based measurements off camp. That ment that we had to travel some 40km. with snowmobiles. We had a long but great day with no wind and more sun than my face liked. Thanks Wiley, for letting us take part in your snow-geeking, it was great fun.

We also got to visit the Flux facility just before thy started to take the place appart. This must be the most advanced science building at Summit. It is completely bellow ground and so full of scientific equipemt that it looked like a spacestation. Louisa Kramer took her time and gave us a great tour of the facility. If you want to know more about Flux and the science that was being done there please have a look at this site

Last wednesday we had a crew change here at Summit. The head of UAS operations, Rune Storvold arrived with our repared, and long awaited Trios spectrometers. The crewchange also ment that Torbjorn Houge, who had been piloting the Cryowing for the last month had to go back to civilization again. Thanks for a great month Torbjørn! On Friday John Burkhart, who is leading the science part of the project arrived.

When it comes to the flying bit, which this blog was supposed to be about, well, we are still having problems with the Iridium modem. (I think it may be afraid of flying?) In spite of the problems we managed a short flight yesterday, and the Trios seems to be working well. I hope we get to perform a longer (70km+) flight before we leave Summit the 13th of August. But I guess that will be up to Mr. Murphy and the Iridium gods.

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  1. Hi again!

    Yes, probably some up and downs during these weeks - Kjell Sture ;)
    But I'm pretty sure of; in your flashbacks to come - most certainly you'll remember it cheerfully :)

    Quite formidable what you and your associates have carried out I think, as the complete novice I am. This is, after reading your blog updates - and listening to some other "hot stuff" ;)

    Sorry, hearing about the ever arising Iridium problems. As I've understand it; has quite an effect on the flying capability..

    Nevertheless; (all) well done!
    Have some nice flights back to the civilization, then :)

    Rgds Trygve

    anandand some other